PEPSKRU is a lingerie brand and a ready-to-wear Lingerie inspired clothing line, with a deep touch of Elegance, designed by Perpetua Dim.

Established in 2018, the label was founded on the desire to create elegant pieces, with intricate details from the design to the fabric artfully crafted with clean lines and sensual silhouette, rendered in silky satins and lace fabrics, for a modern woman.

The brand first launched its Lingerie brand to create a niche market. Then in 2020, the brand became a leading force when it successfully launched the very first Lingerie Inspired clothing line in Nigeria – SIÉ.

SIÉ – she is elegant – the brands clothing line, was a well thought of initiative created for women to further express elegance and self-love through their design, silky satins and lace fabrics, which they believe a woman shares same characteristics of this fabrics – her Softness, her Strength and Simplicity all put together gives a woman the gracefulness to wear and walk in them elegantly.

“As a woman, I believe every woman has a dignified gracefulness in her and that beauty is what defines her individuality, and Self-love is what brings her into full awareness of that beauty hidden in her. I strive to create for her timeless silhouette that makes her feel, self-love, sexy, elegant and powerful – all at once.”

Elegance and self-love remains the focal point that inspires the PEPSKRU brand. We want to start a trend for every woman to dress up for bed looking elegant in our lingerie pieces and wake up looking radiantly confident and ready to start her day feeling Self-love as she journeys through life wearing a Sié piece.

The brands intention for the future is to expand its presence in key markets in Nigeria, across Africa and export the concept of Nigerian style at international level.

Every piece is all about you – Women.